Pregnancy with Donor Eggs

Egg donation is a procedure in which an egg donor donates eggs to a recipient for the purpose of making a pregnancy.  While donor eggs may not be the first choice of treatment for someone struggling with infertility, pregnancy with donated eggs offers a very high rate of success.  In addition to the success with donor eggs, the recipient is able to experience pregnancy, breast feeding, and the peace of mind that there are no concerns with parental rights or problems typically encountered with adoption.  Infertility treatments using eggs from an egg donor is frequently misunderstood, however, thousands of women experience the joy of motherhood each year through the use of egg donation.

Pregnancy with Donor Eggs 

Offers a High Chance of Success For Patients Who Have Failed IVF


Any woman who is interested in egg donation and using an egg donor as a way to conceive can speak with an infertility specialist about choosing donor eggs – or even donor embryos - as a means to achieve a pregnancy. Most of time, women use donor eggs - or donated embryos - to overcome infertility due to diminished egg quality and after a failed series of IUI and in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Whatever the reasons may be, the benefits of donor eggs and donor embryos for an infertile woman is that both third-party reproductive treatments allow for the experience of getting pregnant, carrying a child and giving birth.  Patients generally use donor eggs - or donor embryos - as a fertility treatment for female infertility when:

  • The cause of infertility is age related and the patient is over the age of 39
  • A woman has high follicle stimulating (FSH) levels indicating lower chances of producing multiple eggs with fertility medications.
  • A patient failed IVF treatment because stimulation of her ovaries did not occur
  • The risk of genetic diseases is high due to age or a family history of genetic diseases
  • The primary cause of a patient’s infertility is poor egg quality
  • Menopause or ovarian failure is early and premature
  • Recurrent pregnancy losses, or miscarriages.

The pregnancy success rates for patients using fresh embryos created from donor eggs are substantially higher than other fertility treatments. This is especially true for women over 40. Choosing an egg donor and using donor eggs with your partner’s sperm or pursing embryo adoption with donated eggs and donated sperm may provide many couples the best chance of bringing home a baby.

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