Treatment Basics

All participants in our innovative donated embryo program will receive an individualized pre-treatment checklist and will be guided and supported by one of our dedicated cycle coordinators as they prepare to get pregnant with an embryo transfer. Some items on this checklist will include sending us updated test results for infectious diseases and a current pap smear, meeting with a clinical psychologist, completing a saline contrast ultrasound in our office and signing your treatment agreement. Please note that all of these pre-treatment items will be explained in detail and there will be plenty of time to ask questions. 


Compared with Adoption & Donor Eggs,

Transferring Donated Embryos is a Quick and Easy Process


Before an embryo transfer, there a few things patients can do at home to help increase the chances of success. Taking pre-natal or multi vitamins will help prepare the body for caring a pregnancy. Gradually reducing strenuous exercise may help to make sure the body is well rested. Some patients lower their stress-levels by scheduling acupuncture appointments before and after treatment.  Also, all patients will receive information about Dr. Zeringue's special "EZ Diet" and learn more about how insulin levels can affect fertility.


When the treatment process begins, patients will be given a detailed medication calendar. As patients begin taking medications, there may be some concern regarding the possible side-effects. All of the hormones used to prepare for an embryo transfer are natural hormones found in the body, but they are just used in higher amounts. Even at these higher levels, it is not likely that these higher hormone levels will cause significant problems. Some of the possible (and temporary) side-effects may include headaches, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood changes. This calendar will also outline future ultrasound appointments, the payment deadline and estimated date of embryo transfer.


On the day of embryo transfer, patients will need to arrive at our office with a partially full bladder. Doing this helps the with the actual embryo transfer because a full bladder helps to give the physician a better view of the uterus for placing the embryos. The actual procedure itself is very quick and most times patients are able to see the embryos being placed with the ultrasound. Most patients do not experience any discomfort with this procedure.  After the embryos are transferred, patients do not medically have to limit their activities, but may want to do so for their own peace of mind and potential sense of guilt if there is a negative outcome.


The first pregnancy test is scheduled aproximately 10 days after the embryo transfer and if this test is positive, an additional test taken 2-3 days later. After a second positive pregnancy test, an OB ultrasound will be scheduled at around 12 weeks. Out-of-town patients are welcome to take this test in our office or schedule an ultrasound with their ob/gyn.

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