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Fertility treatments can become very expensive, and in many cases, the high cost of these treatments can prevent patients from achieving their dreams of having a baby.  The California Conceptions Program offers excellent chances of success at very affordable prices using donated embryos.  We are so confident in our ability to get women pregnant with this program, we are offering most participants a 100% refund of services provided in the event a pregnancy does not progress beyond 12 weeks.  Most refund plans cost much more than treatments without a refund, but not ours. Patients that are eligible for the 100% refund plan will pay the clinic at flat fee for up to three embryo transfer procedures.  


A 100% Refund Option will be Offered to 

Most California Conceptions Program Patients


Eligible patients will receive one or two donated embryos per transfer.  If a pregnancy does not result after the first transfer, there are still two more opportunities for pregnancy to occur.  After the third transfer, if a pregnancy has not progressed beyond 12 weeks, the patient will receive a full refund.  Some patients may elect to complete an additional three transfers if their first three are not successful.  This program really takes away the financial risks of fertility treatments.  Of course, medication costs, travel expenses, outside monitoring and blood tests will not be reimbursed.  Patients should expect medications to cost between $800 and $1000 per transfer unless their insurance benefits will cover medication costs.  We are not able to accept insurance for our services as part of the refund plan.


To be eligible for the donated embryo guarantee option, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • 54 years of age or younger
  • BMI (body mass index) less than 28
  • No history of failed IVF cycle(s) with donor oocytes
  • Any factors determined by our physicians that would interupt or hinder a pregnancy
  • A saline contrast sonography or hysteroscopy must be performed at California IVF before a patient's first embryo transfer to assess the patient's uterus for any abnormalities that may hinder or interupt a pregnancy with donated embryos
  • Uterine lining evaluation after estrogen treatment, but before progesterone, must be performed at California IVF

A committee consisting of our physicians, embryologists, and practice administrator will determine final eligibility for the donor embryo refund program. Please note that there will be no exceptions made once a patients eligibility for a refund is determined. Patients who do not qualify for the refund option can still move forward with treatment and will be offered the same low prices for up to three embryo transfers.


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