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Some pregnancy journeys are just longer than others. For many couples, their first trip to the local fertility center to explore in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other infertility treatment options leads to multiple IVF cycles and frozen embryo transfers. But what happens when a woman is not able to have a baby even with the help of IVF? Often using donor eggs and pursuing adoption are the next steps toward getting pregnant and having a family. But unfortunately, both traditional adoption and using an egg donor are very expensive and time consuming ways to build a family, especially after spending thousands of dollars on failed IVF cycles.


Using Donated Embryos is Affordable and

Combines the Best Aspects of Egg Donation with Adoption


Anonymously donated embryos are a very affordable alternative to egg donation and adoption with similar benefits. Much like an anonymous adoption, embryos from IVF procedures are donated to couples and individuals wanting to have a baby. Once a match is found, up to two donor embryos are transferred into the womb of the intended mother. This donor embryo transfer is similar to using IVF with an egg donor for getting pregnant.


Since the embryo donors have waived their parental rights to the embryos, the resulting pregnancy belongs to the couple receiving the embryos, even though like an adoption, they are not genetically related to their future children. This means the intended mother gets to carry and grow her child with no legal challenges or problems with parental rights after childbirth. Intended parents get to enjoy being pregnant, have their names placed on their baby’s birth certificate, and build a family without the complexities of adoption.


Pregnancy using donated embryos is sometimes called "embryo adoption".  However, since the intended mother carries the pregnancy and gives birth, and there are no legal challenges to parental rights, therefore the use of the term "embryo adoption" is not accurate.


If anonymous embryo donation seems like your best chance for getting pregnant, consider joining the California Conceptions Donated Embryo Program. We offer patients an excellent opportunity to become pregnant using donated embryos with minimal waiting time and our success allows us to offer a 100% refund plan to qualified recipients.



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